At Cornell

CS 6820: Analysis of Algorithms (Prof. Bobby Kleinberg)

CS 6815: Pseudorandomness and Combinatorial Constructions (Prof. Eshan Chattopadhyay)

CRP 6860: Planning for Sustainable Transportation (Prof. Nick Klein)

MATH 6230: Differential Games and Optimal Control (Prof. Alex Vladimirsky)

MATH 6410: Enumerative Combinatorics (Prof. Karola Meszaros)

MATH 6710: Probability Theory I (Prof. Lionel Levine)

MATH 6720: Probability Theory II (Prof. Lionel Levine) [Spring 2021]

ORIE 6520: Applied Probability (Prof. Jamol Pender)

ORIE 6334: Combinatorial Optimization (Prof. David Williamson)

ORIE 6300: Mathematical Programming I (Prof. David Shmoys)

ORIE 6180: Online Decision-Making and Market Design (Prof. Sid Banerjee)

SYSEN 6000: Complex Systems (Lecture Series)

At Illinois

CEE 498: Sustainable Infrastructure Systems

CEE 491: Decision and Risk Analysis

CEE 418: Public Transportation Systems

CEE 416: Traffic Capacity Analysis

CEE 310: Transportation Engineering

CS 498: Social and Information Networks

CS 482: Simulation

CS 412: Data Mining

CS 225: Data Structures

ECE 486: Control Systems