Teaching Assistant, Summer@ICERM2022: Computational Combinatorics

Summer 2022


Teaching Assistant, MSRI-UP 2021: Parking Functions: Choose Your Own Adventure

Summer 2021

At Cornell

Teaching Assistant, CS 4820: Introduction to Analysis of Algorithms

Fall 2022 This is an upper-level undergraduate course on algorithm design.

Grader, ORIE 6334: Combinatorial Optimization

Spring 2022

This is a graduate level course on approximation algorithms.

At Illinois

Engineering Learning Assistant, ENG 100: Engineering Orientation.

Fall 2015, Fall 2016

This course introduces freshmen engineering students to the engineering profession, including the wide variety of studies and potential careers.

Laboratory Assistant, GE 101: Engineering Graphics & Design

Fall 2014, Spring 2015

This course introduces students to computer-aided design using Autodesk Revit.